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Image By: Jeffrey Smith
The university of Regina Theatre is a talented set of individuals dedicated to the art of theatre. May it be play writing, directing, or acting these students put forth their all to deliver a memorable performance.
When Comedy Meets Musicals
The Pirates of Penzance is an original Gilbert and Sullivan comedic-musical “masterpiece”. The play, which debuted in London in 1880, most memorable for the famous “Major-General’s Song” which has been parodied since. The play follows a young man who is about to complete his 21st year of apprenticeship for a pirate - only with one catch… he’s born on a leap year. The play unfolds to tell his story full of humour, heart, and a beautiful musical score and vocal performances.
Don’t Miss Out!
The Pirates of Penzance will play from March 13th to 17th between 7pm-9pm. Tickets cost $10 and can be purchased on the University of Regina Theatre website. This is open for all ages to enjoy and proceeds go towards supporting the school and its pool of talented students. Food and beverage can be purchased outside of the theatre.
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